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Commercial Property Inspections

Purchasing commercial property is not only expensive, it also requires a great deal of consideration and research before a purchasing decision can be made. Before making a purchase, buyers typically order a building inspection and report, which provides important information about the building’s condition that’s needed to make an informed buying decision.

We strive to provide world-class inspection services within every type of property type and location. We have a team of Certified Inspectors and third-party contractors that are trained in all aspects of Commercial Building and Property Inspections to ensure that the structure is safe. Our inspectors are equipped with the latest technologies in the industry. 

Visit our Services Page for a list of all inspection services we offer at SafePro Home Inspections.

Purpose of a Commercial Property Inspection

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The purpose of a Commercial Property Inspection, also known as the (PCA) Property Condition Assessment inspection is to obtain a third-party unbiased property inspection report to identify safety hazards, deferred maintenance issues, or system defects To begin with, it’s important to enlist an inspector or company who has no vested interest in the property, the seller, or the buyer. The information collected by the inspector during this assessment needs to be accurate and complete, as the business owner will ultimately be liable for the health and safety of anyone in the building.

Our inspectors will conduct a thorough visual non-invasive inspection of the property including all critical internal and external components of the building. Basements and/or crawlspaces and the building’s foundation will also be examined. Our inspector may not work alone; we typically bring in specialists who can provide additional insight and expertise.

In addition to the building inspection, a commercial property inspector will review all relevant documents for the property. This might include any records pertaining to repairs and renovations, any records of building violations, and any prior lease agreements or records of previous ownership.

Once those steps are completed, the inspector will compile a final report. That report will include a detailed account of the findings, any deficiencies with photographs, and any other pertinent information gathered during the inspection, 

A good commercial building inspection highlights the actual condition of a property and the costs required to repair it. But what, exactly, will a commercial building inspector look for during an inspection? We can provide all or some of the services listed below depending on the type of building, property and the business.

  • Exteriors 

  • Interiors

  • Windows & Doors (Operation & Condition) 

  • Roofing (Gutter, Drainage, Grading)

  • Parking Lots (Materials, Condition & Safety)

  • Heating and Cooling systems (Functionality & Current life cycle)

  • Electrical Systems (Service, Panels & Circuits)

  • Structural Components (Basement & Crawlspace)

  • Attics (Insulation & Framing)

  • Plumbing Systems (Water Supply & Drainage)

  • Fire Suppression Systems & Alarms

  • Ventilation & Exhausts Systems

What We Inspect During A Commercial Inspection

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