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    Pool & Spa Inspection

    In addition to the pool or spa itself, a pool inspector will inspect all of the pool equipment. This includes filters, pumps, heaters, visible plumbing, timers, and any other electrical components involved in the pool’s functioning. A Pool & Spa Inspection is outside the scope of a general home inspection and NOT included, it is offered as an additional service for a fee.

    Take a Nice Dip in the Pool:

    While a Pool and/or Spa are a great addition to a home, the various components and equipment can have defects that may require your attention before you make the purchase! Additionally, your safety is our #1 concern and we will help you to identify potential safety defects that should be addressed to keep you and your family safe!

    Having a swimming pool on your property is a tremendous liability as well as a very safety concern for you and your family. Most swimming pool inspections are performed in conjunction with the purchase of a home or business. Swimming pool inspections much like any other part of the home buyer due diligence process are an important part of protecting the home buyer.

    Pool Safely because your family’s safety is our priority. Our certified pool inspector will visually inspect your pool & spa for safety hazards. Our comprehensive report will identify if your pool is not up to today’s safety standards regarding pool enclosures and anti-entrapment devices to keep your family safe.

    What We Inspect During Your Pool Inspection:

    • Filter & Skimmer
    • Entrapment Devices
    • Circulation Pump/Motor
    • Heater & Visible Gas Piping
    • Time Clock for Circulation Pump
    • Visible Plumbing Systems
    • Visible Pool & Spa Surface
    • Deck and Deck Drains
    • Coping & Tile
    • Pool Enclosures
    • Pool & Spa Lights
    • Ladders HandRails
    • Pool & Spa Accessible Electrical Components
    • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

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