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    Commercial & Rental Inspection

    Just as with a residential home inspection, a commercial property inspection is intended to provide written documentation that outlines the current state of a given property and identifies issues observed during the inspection. The two unique elements in a commercial property inspection are Cooking Areas and Life Safety.

    Purpose of a Commercial Property Inspection:

    The purpose of a Commercial Property Inspection, also known as the (PCA) Property Condition Assessment inspection is to obtain a third-party unbiased property inspection report to identify safety hazards, deferred maintenance issues, or system defects regarding electrical, roofing, plumbing, HVAC, and structural systems.

    Our inspectors are trained to visually assess components and systems in most types of commercial buildings such as:

    • Apartment Buildings
    • Office Buildings
    • Strip Shopping Centers
    • Light Industrial Buildings
    • Rental Properties
    • Warehouses
    • Hotels
    • And More….

    What We Inspect During Commercial Property Condition Assessment:

    • Exteriors
    • Interiors
    • Windows & Doors – Operation and condition
    • Roofing – Gutter, drainage, and grading
    • Parking Lots / Areas – Materials, condition and safety
    • Heating and Cooling systems – Quality and life expectancy, functionality, current life cycle
    • Visible Plumbing Systems – Run water, check pipes, identify system materials and life expectancy
    • Electrical – Light switches, meter box, electricity source (street or underground), electrical panels
    • Basement / Crawlspace
    • Attics – Insulation, framing
    • Life Safety
    • And More!!!

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